Neighboring businesses concerned if Toledo landscaping business relocates

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Some South Toledo business owners are not excited about a compost, mulch, and topsoil shop that might be next to them.

The landscape designer admits he doesn’t want to move, but on a major project he may be looking for another home.

Lucas County wanted to build its new prison on Angola Road almost four years ago. That plan was eventually taken off the table.

Now it’s about mulch.

Michael Schrickel proudly displays his motorcycles for sale in Chop Machine Cycles on Marine Road. He is concerned that customers will not be blown away by the motorcycles but smell.

“These poor neighbors here. Not just us, who train here and have to deal with the terrible smell that is produced by the mulch farm, ”said Schrickel.

His business is adjacent to this stretch of Byrne Road near the Airport Highway, which is due to be reallocated Thursday with the Toledo-Lucas County Planning Commission. The proposal is to make it easy to industrialize, with the end user being Cleanwood Recycling, which is currently on Bancroft Street.

“We don’t currently have a specific plan for this property,” said Michael Kott, owner of Cleanwood Recycling.

Kott tells 13abc he’s not entirely sure he wants to call this empty space home. His current property is right next to the new 475-Dorr Street interchange, a place he doesn’t want to leave.

“Not really. I’m pretty comfortable here, but part of the payback on the exchange was the economic development here with us. We have a hard time not wanting to sell and watch the success of the Dorr Street exchange come true, ”said Kott.

“You should let everyone know what’s going on here so we aren’t surprised in the end,” said Bert Belleville of Belleville Trucking.

Business owners on Marine Road voice their concerns and say they are concerned about two important things. One of the problems is the smell.

“Every time you go down 475 in the Bancroft area, it smells awful just going down the expressway,” said Kevin Goeckerman of Kevin’s Automotive.

“Our smell here is minimal if someone brings us a garbage can of smelly grass and throws it away. It takes a day to neutralize the odor. We process the material as it comes in every day, ”said Kott.

Dust is another problem.

“We’re regulated by the Ohio EPA and the Health Department and Pollution Control for the City of Toledo that we don’t have to maintain dust,” said Kott.

“To be honest, I wasn’t in favor of the prison, but I would have preferred the prison there,” said Schrickel.

The full plans for the property are not yet ready, according to Kott. These are expected to be presented to the Toledo City County’s Planning Commission, which will meet on March 17th.

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