New artificial turf, track approved for Hilliard Bradley High School sports complex

The artificial turf on the athletics field of the Hilliard Bradley High School Sports Complex will be replaced this spring at the end of the lacrosse season, according to officials at Hilliard City Schools.

In addition to the lawn replacement, a new track is being built in the sports complex next to the high school at 2800 Walker Road.

Hilliard School Board members unanimously approved the nearly $ 1.3 million project on January 25th.

The original artificial turf has been in place since Bradley opened in 2009, said Assistant Superintendent Mike McDonough.

“The lifespan (of the original man-made field) is eight to 12 years, (and) we’ve made some corrections (on the current field),” said McDonough.

The district is paying Hellas Construction Inc. nearly $ 1.3 million, including a contingent liability of up to 5%, to replace the artificial turf and build the new track.

The project will be funded in part with rental income from cell towers on district properties, McDonough said.

The district will use $ 500,000 of that revenue on the construction project, he said.

Hellas Construction built artificial turf fields at Hilliard Darby and Davidson High Schools in 2017 for $ 1.6 million, including a 5% contingent liability, when each facility was converted from natural grass.

McDonough said Bradley’s replacement artificial turf “is similar to Darby and Davidson’s,” including pads under the surface to absorb contact with the ground.

The price “is on par” with Darby and Davidson if construction of the line were removed from Bradley’s project, he said.

Bradley’s last home lacrosse game is scheduled for May 12th.

“We can get started the next day,” and complete the project at the beginning of the football season in August, said McDonough.

Bradley Athletics Director Nick Van Dyne praised the district leadership and partnering with Hellas Construction to drive the project forward.

“We are pleased to offer our student athletes and performing arts members, coaches and directors the opportunity to practice and compete in a safe, high-quality playing surface,” said Van Dyne.

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