New Jersey snowbirds on tight deadline with Florida Friendly Landscaping

A New Jersey couple with homes in The Villages face a tight deadline after planting a new batch of Florida Friendly Landscaping.

The house owned by Christopher and Donna Connor at 2113 Sansores Street in the village of Santo Domingo will be discussed at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of Community Development District 2 on Friday morning.

Fresh Florida Friendly Landscaping was planted in the house at 2113 Sansores Street. This photo was taken on Saturday.

The neighbors of the Connors I tried to sell her house at 2111 Sansores Street. However, they say potential buyers have been shut down by the unkempt yard next door.

Last month the Connors were given up Filling in full April 8 for their newly planted Florida Friendly Landscaping, which would bring their home back into line.

The Connors, who said they chose Florida Friendly Landscaping for “environmental reasons”, went planted perennial peanuts to replace their first unsuccessful crop from Florida Friendly Landscaping.

Perennial peanuts bloom in summer, according to the University of Florida Extension Service.

The planted items must be a maximum of 6 inches apart as per community standards. Failure to reconcile the landscaping could result in a fine of up to $ 1,500 on the couple.

The The perennial peanut “is a versatile ground cover plant that can be planted nationwide and blooms with cheerful golden flowers all summer,” according to the University of Florida Extension Service. Some of the best properties of the perennial peanut are its resistance to nematodes, pathogens, and drought. It also requires little fertilizer.

The Connors were preparing to release a new version of Florida Friendly Landscaping in their home at 2113 Sansores Street when this photo was taken in January.

The Connors bought their home in 2013. In 2017, the Connors filed an application with the Architectural Review Committee for Florida Friendly Landscaping in their home. Has established community standards The Connors failed to keep the promises made in their 2017 ARC application.

The New Jersey couple winter in the villages. However, Donna Connor said she made special trips to The Villages this summer to look after her Florida-friendly landscaping.

The board of directors will meet at 9:30 am on Friday at the Savannah Center.

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