New landscaping plan for Nicosia city centre sees 90 trees cut

The Nicosia Community will cut down almost 90 trees as part of the Makarios Avenue redesign, announced Tuesday.

The decision was approved by the forest department, the municipality said.
In a written announcement, the municipality announced that they had or will fell 65 trees in the first phase of the project and another 23 trees in the second phase, bringing the total to 88 trees.

Another 300 “old” trees will be planted along the avenue, added the municipality.

The trees to be removed are “old trees” and those belonging to “species unsuitable in urban areas” because their roots damage underground infrastructure and sidewalks or because their fruits stain sidewalks, said the community.

Trees that have been planted in a place that prevents the project will also be removed.
Smaller trees are not felled, but are replanted in city parks.

According to the municipality, “the new trees that will be planted will be more than four meters high and the species selection will take into account” bioclimatic behavior “, shading and other aspects”.

The announcement explained the felling of the trees: “For many years, trees have been planted in the city without planning, without proper specifications, without proper infrastructure and pillars, and very close to buildings, so they do not grow properly and cause problems with the sidewalks . “

According to the municipality, the planting of new trees is based on a uniform and modern design that allows the placement of utilities and at the same time integrates them into the urban space in a way that not only hinders access but also makes it easier for pedestrians and the disabled ”.

The project is part of the reconstruction of the Makarios, Stasikratous and Evagorou trade triangle announced in September 2018.

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