Old Oaks Neighborhood Cleanup & Landscaping

Since our Neighborhood Cleanup & Landscaping event has been so successful during this time, we set out to keep the momentum going! Every second Saturday of the month we will all be out there in solidarity to keep our community beautiful!
We would like to encourage everyone to help us clean up the neighborhood this Saturday, April 25th, at 10 a.m. and to respect this time to remind you to go there in solidarity. We can all do this together, but SEPARATELY. Mother nature still needs it, the world is still turning. While we cannot do this in groups, we can still do it safely and intelligently. Do not touch the garbage with bare hands. Stay at least 3 m away from those you are not in quarantine with. We cannot provide any tools or supplies and thank you for the garbage bags you donate to the cause. We ask that you use what is available to you. Get creative and cover your hands with pockets if, for example, you don’t have gloves. Do not touch your face or nose. Bring anti-bac and wear a mask. Just just walking around with a trash bag and picking up the trash you see helps so much.
We also want to encourage people to clean the roadside in front of their homes where leaves and mud collect. This clutter prevents water from properly draining into the sewer, and even damp mud is a place for mosquitoes to breed. Yuck!
If you can take before and after pictures of the areas you are cleaning up – that would be amazing. Please send pictures to 330.495.8645 or by email [email protected]
The more helping hands we have, the more beautiful we can make our community!

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