OU Landscaping, Crimson and Green apply sustainable practices on South Oval | News

OU Landscaping implements new, more sustainable sterilization techniques to control weed and pest growth on the South Oval.

Crimson and Green, an OU group committed to greener solutions on campus, partnered with OU Landscaping to put plastic sheeting over the floor in the South Oval’s flower bed, according to Crimson and Green Facebook site. According to the post, this can expose the soil to sunlight, causing a rise in temperature that is supposed to kill weeds and some pathogens.

“Whenever we started this plan, we really wanted to see how it would play out later in the spring,” said Brandon Cox, assistant director, landscape services. “These are not things that we would see right away. We thought we could create such a larger area that could give us some comprehensive information on how this site is doing and why this site is not doing so well.

Cox said the project is primarily about weed control and if successful it will expand to other areas of campus. He also hopes this “new, environmentally friendly way of weed control” will promote sustainability across campus.

“In about a month we’ll be peeling the plastic off until the soil is mixed with compost by then and then ready for the flowers,” said Cox.

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