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WINCHESTER – When winter turns into spring, people start planning gardening and landscaping projects.

Regardless of whether these projects are carried out by yourself or by professionals, local experts say that it is good to have a plan of attack.

A checklist can include “spring cleaning” and preparation for beautification projects.

“If you have some deep or bald patches, you can apply a planting mix to it so that grass seeds will grow first thing in the spring,” said Jeff Newlin, vice president of Shenandoah Sand.

While some say planting grass seeds in early fall is ideal, early spring planting can have almost the same growing conditions – warming soil and even rain.

Repairing snow damage to yards and driveways is another project that should be tackled in spring.

Paul Himmelright, owner of Artistic Tree and Landscape, said he and his crew are doing a lot of work in February and March repairing driveways and providing gravel.

Removing dead trees or cleaning up healthy trees is something else to consider.

“You can take out dead trees or lift trees so you don’t get hit in the face when you sit on your mower and things like that,” said Himmelright, who does all kinds of tree care. “You can make sure they are cleaned in the middle so that the air can more easily blow through them so they don’t get knocked over by the wind.”

If you have a tree removed, the stump can be sanded down. Or you can leave it to mulch around it and put a flower pot on top.

Once the prep work is done, it’s time to put your plan into action.

This can include deciding whether to use mulch or stone, whether around your home, around a tree, or in a solid flower bed.

First of all, it is important to understand the cost difference between the two products.

“Mulch is cheaper the first time, but not in the long run. Every year you have to repeat the mulch. A lot of people will get tired of mulching year after year after a few years, so they’ll put stone in it, ”said Newlin, who helps people choose the perfect stone or mulch product at Shenandoah Sand. “[Stone] That costs more up front, maybe twice as much, but it’s good for years. “

Mulch is good around trees or plants. Use stone near your home or permanent structure to avoid termites and moisture.

Newlin said another thing to consider is the color of the mulch or stone. If you have a light house, he recommends using dark mulch or stone and vice versa. But it always comes down to preference, he said.

Personal preferences are part of the industry, said Hunter Rutherford, owner of R&R Landscaping.

Rutherford’s company takes care of almost everything from mowing to mulching to removing leaves.

“When people call us we do our best to bring this to life,” Rutherford said.

Most landscaping companies have found that offering multiple services is good for business, said Himmelright, who does grading, digging, and drainage work in addition to tree work.

It pays to make preparations to prepare your landscaping projects for spring.

“When you see the overall result after something is done, you can actually tell the difference,” Rutherford said.

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