Professional Landscaping Company Discusses the Recent Endangered Plant Scandal in Hawaii – Press Release

Mobile, Ala.As a professional landscaping company based in Mobile, AL, Heroman Services Plant Company is saddened to have a recent event in Oahu, Hawaii. A group of vandals broke into a Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) greenhouse and destroyed endangered native plants.

The destroyed DLNR greenhouse in Waimano harvested various types of endangered plants that were native to Hawaii. After the vandals broke in and made a name for themselves, the ‘Opuhe plant and the Ma’oli’oli plant were seen among the damaged. The ‘Opuhe’ is a flowering plant native to the Wai’anae highlands, which is also the only place it is currently found in the wild. The ma’oli’oli is also a flowering plant, but this species is found on the slopes of Le’ahi. With these two beautiful plants critically endangered, the DLNR greenhouse had invested in the cultivation only to find that they were torn and destroyed after the vandals break in.

State botanist Susan Ching is one of the professionals who looked after these plants until she swept their soil off the ground earlier this month. Ching and her team had spent countless hours collecting the seeds to plant these rare plants. So it was devastating to see them destroyed. Four to five months is the time Ching estimates will take to recover.

Undoubtedly the vandals interfered with the process of growing these endangered crops, but this setback does not discourage Ching and her team. They will work hard to recover as quickly as possible and they hope this situation never occurs again! An investigation has been launched into the crime so anyone with information is asked to call the DLNR phone number: (808) 634-3567.

As a sixth generation horticultural family specializing in both exterior and interior design, Heroman Services Plant Company, alongside Ching and her team, is saddened, but expects a strong recovery as the new plants grow stronger than ever . Heroman offers many different types of plants and decorations, including living green walls, small and delicate plant displays, and extravagant plant displays. For more information or to receive a free quote, call Heroman Services Plant Company at 800-264-9999 or visit them online at


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