Rifle City Council workshops proposed landscaping project near Interstate-70 interchange

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Motorists and passers-by could see a refreshed gateway to the gun along Interstate 70 in the future.

Rifle City Council hosted a workshop last week that looked at the possibility of completing a $ 240,000 landscaping project. According to a presentation by Ayres Landscape Architecture, the I-70 gateway project would include a number of enhancements to make the area more attractive and improve infrastructure

If the council approves the project, new lawns and irrigation systems, trees, grass, concrete curbs and gutters, and several other installments will be added to the area as they build.

According to the city, concept designs for the project were originally created in 2010, with an initial cost of $ 1.57 million. The general consensus was to keep the design simple and allow for low water usage.

In addition, the city guides would also agree on the preferred design concept – “Talus Slope”.

However, after several public workshops, the city guides decided that the cost was too high and the project was suspended.

In 2020, Ayres was tendered and provided a landscape design using some talus slope elements as well as elements from the roundabout for a design at the project cost of $ 240,000 as stated in the city documents.

In addition, the concept will increase the maintenance that the parking department is currently doing on the roundabouts. The estimated cost of this outsourcing is $ 3,000 per year.

City officials said they will provide further updates to the project plan and budgeting.

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