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Should Tree Removal Companies be Licensed?

Jul 8

When hiring a Milwaukee Trim Tree Service, the last thing you need is to experience issues. Hiring a professional to take care of a problem is not meant to complicate things. But that could be exactly what happens if you're not careful.

Many states do not require any tree service companies to have a license. That means that you can't get that information from the state's website.

Tree care can be risky business, make sure you are insured by your tree service company!
However, for licensing information, you can check with the city's local county clerk. Most cities and counties do require it, and if necessary, any business you hire should have a current license. For obvious reasons, any company which lacks licensing should be avoided.

A tree service should be bonded, just like when you employ any contractor. You have extra assurance with a surety bond that the company will fulfill its obligations. They all heard that horror story from a contractor who left a half-done job.

The best thing to do is to follow the recommendation of the Better Business Bureau and ask if a company is bound by it. Then ask for the bond number, as well as the company used for the services of assurance bonding. With that information, you can verify that before you hand over any money or the work begins, the tree service is indeed properly bonded.

Any tree service you hire should also carry insurance, just like the surety bond. Ask for the insurance information rather than just take the company's word for it. Contact and verify that coverage is in place with the insurance company.

If the tree service were to damage your property, including your trees, house, car, etc., without proper insurance, and is not insured, you might not have much recourse to remedy the situation. You could make a claim on the insurance of your homeowner, but that could negatively impact your situation, and honestly, you shouldn't have to cover the error of a contractor.