Suit: Median landscaping on Apperson caused crash | Local news

A recent lawsuit filed against the city of Kokomo and a resident of the county alleged landscaping in the medians on Apperson Way was one of the causes of a vehicle accident in July 2019.

Nathan Williams of Howard County claims the negligence of county resident Larry Batt and the city of Kokomo resulted in a two-vehicle accident on July 19, 2019 at the intersection of Monroe Street and North Apperson Way.

According to the lawsuit, Williams was driving his scooter north on North Apperson Way when a vehicle traveling east from Batt on Monroe Street pulled into the intersection at the same time as Williams and Williams suffered an accident and “serious and permanent injuries “Caused.

Batt’s view was obstructed by the landscaping south of the intersection, according to the suit. A tree and various bushes are in the center south of Monroe Street.

The suit blames Batt and the city for the accident, stating that the city “allowed the landscaping to block the view at the intersection and make the intersection unsafe and safe to maintain, which is a hazard to them represents motorists on the road. “

Williams is suing for an unspecified amount of damages. Neither Batt nor the city have submitted any replies to the complaint.

The lawsuit is the second in a year to allege the city street diets on Apperson Way resulted in a serious vehicle accident.

Indianapolis-based Lucina Eaton sued the city last year after she hit the bump at the intersection of Apperson and Monroe Streets. Eaton claims the city should have known the roughness at the intersection of Apperson and Monroe Streets was a problem. Since the accident, the city has moved that bump two inches east, hopefully to avoid more vehicles from hitting it.

The city has denied Eaton’s indictment and has since counterclaimed E&P Paving, arguing that the company should be held responsible for damage because the road was being milled at the time of the crash, but not yet by E&B Paving was paved.

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