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Sullivan's landscaping to the south

Sullivan’s Landscaping & Maintenance recently opened a new facility in Selbyville.

Sullivans Landscaping & Maintenance recently announced the opening of its new facility in Selbyville. Serving the area from Middletown to Selbyville, they said, “Sullivan’s brings cutting-edge technology and proprietary green products to its growing commercial and residential real estate market, which has grown exponentially over the past decade.”

Given the rapidly growing Ocean View, Bethany Beach, Dagsboro, Fenwick, and Selbyville portfolios, and continued approval of new planned communities and support businesses for Corridor 54, Sullivan said the family made efforts to expand their reach by opening another facility at the intersection of Cemetery and Blueberry Farm Roads. The location will serve the southern area from Delaware to the east coast of Maryland.

Sullivan’s will add eight to ten new full-time positions in 2021 to support the existing landscaping team of 82 full-time employees. Several dozen more full-time positions will be added over the next two years as the business grows.

“Sullivan’s is committed to investing in community projects and organizations and supports like-minded small businesses with the ultimate goal of building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with local business owners and community organizations in the area,” they said .

Joel Sullivan often reminds customers that “At Sullivan’s Landscaping, our standards and expectations are higher than our customers’s, as it should be. Quality and service are in our hands and that is exactly what we focus on. We believe that the foundation of any good partnership or business relationship is communication, so let’s double that. We are a small family business that knows what it takes to achieve sustainable results that add value to our customers. And we happen to offer landscape and snow services. “

But their success wasn’t easy, they said.

“Sullivan’s Landscaping & Maintenance was founded in 1988 by John and Laura Sullivan and has grown into one of the leading landscaping companies on the Lower Delaware Shore. The Sullivan family story represents the epitome of an American dream that began with a truck, trailer, and man with an incredible work ethic, drive, and resilience to tackle even the toughest of times. “

John Sullivan developed his skills as a contributor to Habitat Design Group before starting his own company.

“With the love and support of his wife, Laura, who kept the family together, the financial support of his grandmother and father-in-law who helped him buy the starter equipment, and the opportunity from Burris Foods to work the night shift for a fixed period John worked for days building his landscaping business with retail clients and stayed overnight for the necessary cash flow in those early years.

“After developing a reputation for exceeding expectations and the ability to act on time and on budget, Sullivan’s Landscaping has become a very popular developer and installer for commercial construction companies. From 2000 to 2007 the construction division became very successful and Sullivan’s landscaping exploded.

“In 2008, when the housing industry stalled, many construction companies filed for bankruptcy and failed to make outstanding payments from their trusted landscaping providers, which almost devastated the family business. In 2009, John and Laura decided to sacrifice their personal fortunes to make sure the business would stay afloat as they continued to face economic turmoil and layoffs. As with all good deeds, luck provided Delaware with historic winter storms, and so snow removal services kept the company afloat in early 2010.

Learning from the ups and downs of the construction side of landscaping and the struggles that layoffs faced, the Sullivan family flipped their business model to encourage year-round work that would support the company and its employees. After the Great Recession in the early 2000s, Sullivan’s Landscaping focused on recurring maintenance-based services such as irrigation maintenance, fertilization services, and comprehensive landscape management services.

“By adding these services to their existing services, they developed a niche as a one-stop shop for community organizations. This ushered in the new era for the Sullivan family, who brought their two sons Colby and Joel with them to consolidate the family-run business.

You attribute the success of the once small “Mom & Pop” business to one thing: the team.

Joel Sullivan often reminds each and every member of the growing team that “nothing is possible without our team. We believe in treating others with respect and taking care of each other like family. We are like-minded people who all believe in doing the right thing and offering the best possible product, even if it means sacrificing time and profit to get there. What we have achieved in the past 5 years is incredible. Our goal is to be the best landscape management company in Delaware, not the largest or most profitable, just the best. “

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