The Cedars hotel, condo project given green light in downtown Hendersonville; Council heard landscaping concerns

Hendersonville City Council unanimously approved real estate reassignment Monday, giving the green light to a historic restoration and redevelopment project.

The Cedars, a historic hotel on Seventh Avenue West, is being restored and two six-story buildings will be erected on the site to create the Cedars Lodge and Spa.

At least two floors of the current four-story, 15,310 square meter hotel are being restored. The new buildings will house 11 hotel rooms and 132 hotel suites / condominiums as well as an underground car park for condominium owners.

Hotel guests will have valet parking and there will be 217 parking spaces. Project architect Tamara Peacock said last week that 64 parking spaces will be public.

The city’s planning authority approved the project in December. The project did not need any city council approval, apart from the rededication.

The application for the project to the city indicated that the restoration of The Cedars would be financially unlikely without the project and would be challenging as the building continues to age without a viable financial solution.

The project is privately funded and developed by the Shipman family who own the land.

The council held a public hearing on the rededication during its session last week, during which residents raised concerns about the trees and landscaping on the property. Peacock said the lawn and trees will stay near the existing pavilion and a red maple tree may need to be moved but will be kept on the property. Twenty-one mature red maple trees are also planted.

State law allows written comments to be made by the public at any time from the time the public hearings are announced to 24 hours after the hearings are held, if conducted remotely. Since the council meeting was being held remotely, the law governed the public hearing of The Cedars, and council members could only vote on the reassignment after the 24 hour period.

During that time, only one additional written comment was submitted, mostly related to tree population, said Mayor Barbara Volk.

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