Valheim | How to build stone walls and houses

Valheim offers many different ways to build houses out of wood, a common material found in every biome. Unfortunately, wooden structures do not always withstand raids or bosses’ attacks. For added defense, you should build from stone. That sounds simple, but there is a catch: you need to unlock a specific workbench upgrade before you can build stone walls and houses in Valheim.

How to build with stone in Valheim

You have to unlock the stonemason to build stone structures in Valheim. It’s a workbench item that becomes available after Iron is first discovered. Once you’ve made a stonemason, you can start building stone walls, floors, arches, and the all-important hearth.

How do I get the stonemason?

Fortunately, building structures out of stone shouldn’t take too long. The iron you need to build the stonemason can be found in abundance from muddy piles of scrap that litter the sunken crypts throughout the swamp biome. This is the game’s third biome – the one you reach after defying the Black Forest.

However, you cannot start mining iron at the beginning of the game. First, you’ll need to unlock the pickaxe, which will require you to summon and defeat the first boss, Eikthyr. After that, you must defeat The Elder so that the swamp key can be used to open the gates of the sunken crypt. You will also need a melt that must be made with surtling cores. Fortunately, these fall from the burning surtling creatures that roam the swamps.

Once you have iron the rest is easy. Two iron, ten wooden and four stone stones are required to build the stonemason. After placing them, the stonemason opens all stone construction objects:

  • Fireplace
  • Stone arch
  • Stone floor
  • Stone pillar
  • Stone walls
  • Stone stairs
  • Asphalted roads

How to build stone walls and houses

How to build stone walls and houses in Valheim

Building with stone in Valheim works basically the same as building with wood. You can use collected or quarried stone to build stone walls, erect archways over doors, place stone floors, and so on. The only real difference is that there are fewer stone building materials compared to wood.

In particular, this means that there is no way to build a stone roof. One way or another, you need to build a thatched roof over your home, even if it just covers your workbench. Stone floors will act as ceilings, provided you build solid foundations and structural beams. However, they do not count as shelter, so they are not a good choice to cover your bed with.

Even so, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Stone walls are much, much more durable than wooden walls. This is especially important if you are building a base next to a boss spawn area. Plus, the stonemason unlocks the hearth, which is perfect for Valheim players who intend to build a proper Viking longhouse.

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