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What is Curbing?

Jul 15

Whitetail Custom Curb, our concrete borders will bring a decorative touch to finish off your home or business concrete landscape. Each of our borders contains proprietary glass/polymer admixtures and is integrally coloured, ensuring the product you receive gives you lasting beauty through both strength and flexibility.

If you are looking for custom curbing in Brantford and surrounding area, Whitetail Custom Curb uses the latest technology and equipment. Our fully trained crew show up with our installation trailers that are fully equipped with everything needed to install hundreds of feet of curbing each day. This allows even large jobs to be quickly completed, giving our customers minimal inconvenience. Each of our crews are very fussy about keeping their work area safe and clean. In case of, knock on wood, there was ever an accident, our crews have WCB coverage and very comprehensive business insurance.

The variety of patterns and colours available is massive. We can also create customized impressions and profiles if requested. Whatever you decide for your landscape borders, we will be able to accommodate to bring your landscaping ideas to life.

Curbing is most known for front yards and outdoor gardens, but our crews can also provide repairs or installations for commercial and industrial parking lots. Concrete curbs can be made to leave a decorative touch as well as making the concrete edge more visible and prominent.
Garden edging is something that helps bring that extra spark to your home garden, bordering it off from the remainder of your yard. Garden borders also help keep pets, and little ones from wandering into gardens once told to not go past it, which training, of course. Concrete garden edging can also help you border off where to lay grass seed down when wanting to replenish your front lawn. We can also help you with any lawn edging to provide a beautiful, decorative touch to where your sidewalk, driveway, or other pathway ends and your lawn begins.

We offer an excellent, comprehensive warranty on each of our installations.

Whitetail Custom Curb offers the best quality products and the highest level of customer satisfaction and professionalism. If you are interested in landscaping edging, give us a call at 519-755-2984 for an estimate today.​