Whatshed looking to recruit Minecraft pros for in-game landscaping advice

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UK horticultural company WhatShed recently posted a job advertisement seeking Minecraft professionals to take on the role of “virtual landscaper”. The listing looks for individuals who have “in-depth knowledge of Minecraft” and ideally “previous landscaping experience”.

The job description states: “Minecraft’s popularity is undeniable. In 2020 there were 126 million players on Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch *!”

Anyway, we thought we would take our gardening passions into the virtual world, so Whatshed is trying to recruit a collective of virtual landscapers to provide professional advice to players looking to improve their outdoor space in the game. “

The description also says that the fees pay off from £ 50 an hour, although the prices are flexible and the job itself is remote which means you can work from the comfort of your home.

With Minecraft players known for creating some really notable buildings and scenes in the game, it’s not surprising that their creative flair is in demand. If you think you can fill the position to “get paid to play Minecraft”, go to the posting linked above to apply.

Thank you, PCGamesN.

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