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Why All the Rage Over Having an Outdoor Kitchen?

Jul 27

Well, if you have been wondering if an outdoor kitchen is a worthwhile expense, the answer is certainly yes. And, like other modern conveniences, it won’t be long before you wonder how you ever made do without one.

Outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity over the last decade for a reason: they're fantastic. When you have an outdoor kitchen, the entire party takes place outside.  That means no more missing out on the fun like when you were busy prepping everything and cooking indoors while everyone else was outdoors socializing and enjoying the party.  Instead, an outdoor kitchen allows you to stay connected with your guests from the beginning of your party straight through to the end.

In addition to the positive social aspects, there is practicality too.  No more lugging food in and out and wondering how you are going to keep the cold items cold and the hot items hot. Today’s outdoor kitchens offer storage solutions for your cookware and supplies as well as refrigeration allowing you the luxury of having everything at your fingertips while you prep and cook amongst the conversation of your guests.

Likewise, an outdoor kitchen is not only practical, but it also adds a deluxe element to your property, thereby raising its perceived worth in the eyes of potential buyers in the event you decide to sell.  An outdoor kitchen combined with comfortable seating, an outdoor bar, and proper lighting is a winning combination for setting the stage for the perfect party experience.

An outdoor kitchen also expands your entertainment space; you have more areas for more people to hang out and be comfortable while they do so.  This certainly coincides with today’s modern quest for luxurious indoor/outdoor living spaces.

What To Do First?

Now that you are convinced an outdoor kitchen is the way to go, here are some pointers to help you get started:

First, make a budget and a list of your requirements. Prioritize what is most important to you so that you can account for it in your budget. Plan your space around the grill if you want that as your focal point. Focus on it first if you want to have enough seating for a large group of friends and relatives. If you think you and your family will make the most use of an outside bar, then make that your top budget priority. If you are working with a company to build this area, they will need to know all the aspects that must be included!

Next, pick a location that takes into account views from the house, the outdoor kitchen, as well as proximity and views of your neighbors. Consider which area is best suited for incorporating natural sunlight and shade. Be sure to be mindful of easy accessibility to utility lines as well.

Last, but certainly not least, let your imagination run wild.  Seek out all areas of inspiration to create the outdoor kitchen and entertainment area of your dreams, whether it be browsing on the web, looking through magazines, or visiting a home and garden center on Long Island.  Let the fun begin!