Why Arizona Artificial Grass is an Ideal Choice for Pet Parents and Pet-Friendly Communities – Press Release

Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens helps homeowners and community planners create stunning, pet-safe spaces with quality, affordable artificial turf

Arizona artificial grass
Arizona Artificial Grass | Artificial grass in AZ | Artificial Grass and Pets Synthetic Grass for Dogs Artificial Grass Scottsdale SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – February 24, 2021 – (Newswire.com)

With more than 45 years of combined Arizona experience, artificial turf manufacturer Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens offers a wide range of options for artificial turf styles and installations. According to her team, AZ artificial grass is growing in popularity as a safe and convenient option for lawns, dog parks, and other parent-friendly areas.

When it comes to artificial turf and pets, Arizona Luxury Lawns specialize in eco-friendly artificial turf that dogs can play and run safely on, that is paw-friendly, and that eliminates toxic weeds, pests, and chemical pesticides around a pet. They also make it easy to design and install artificial turf for dogs that is easy to keep clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Arizona Luxury Lawns offers multiple services designed for comfort and convenience. This includes a pre-installation process, which forms the basis for the proper application and watering of artificial turf, as well as a weed barrier to prevent further regrowth of grass and vegetation in the underlayer.

The company’s professional design staff and highly skilled plumbers have years of experience working with pet parents and communities to create pet-friendly spaces. Inside knowledge enables them to get any job done. When it comes to artificial turf, Scottsdale residents can contact Arizona Luxury Lawns for information on installing, removing, and maintaining artificial turf.

Arizona Luxury Lawns is committed to providing the best faux grass Scottsdale can offer to its clients and their furry companions and is available for projects large and small.

Interested readers are invited to contact Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens for more information and a free quote.

About Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens

Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens is one of the leading suppliers and installers of artificial turf in Arizona for residential and commercial projects. Providing unparalleled quality and competitive pricing, Arizona Luxury Lawns helps customers add the aesthetic value of homes and communities with the highest quality artificial turf, significantly reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring stunning lawns for years to come.

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