Winner chosen in landscaping contest – Washington Daily News

BELHAVEN – Slade Landscaping of Bath won the Small Town Main Street design competition for the Caboose Public Garden project.

The landscaping competition was announced at the Board of Aldermen meeting on January 11th and opened to landscaping companies across the county. The budget for the project is $ 8,000 and an additional $ 500 has been made available to contest winners.

Slade Landscaping’s winning design includes a picnic table that is available for public use in the park along with benches, and bricks laid in decorative patterns to mimic railroad tracks and a level crossing to match the theme of the park. The green includes easy-care shrubs and the original lawn that is already on the property.

The design will also include a brick path leading from the street to the galley, which is due to be repainted in June. Small Town Main Street is hoping the new paint scheme will last 40 to 45 years.

“We’ve had a meeting since then and fine-tuned the details of the project. The project will be done in coordination with the repainting of the galley, ”said Yvonne Deruiz, program manager for Main Street in the small town. The landscaping project will begin after the galley is professionally renovated in June, with an expected completion date of July 4th.

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